Twilight Dreaming Online Course
Twilight Dreaming Online Course
Twilight Dreaming Online Course
Twilight Dreaming Online Course
Twilight Dreaming Online Course

Twilight Dreaming Online Course

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65” x 65” Designed by Monica and Alaura Poole of Pattern Poole Designs in Australia.

This is an online quilt-as-you-go course on Facebook taught by Pattern Poole. The theme is a magical midnight dream with the moon, stars, birds, butterflies, flowers, leaves and other night creatures - all beautifully illustrated by Monica Poole.

LEARN: - machine appliqué methods - foundation piecing - crazy patch piecing - free-motion machine quilting - quilt-as-you-go joining methods - cathedral window techniques - log cabin and dresden plate techniques

This pattern/course is hosted on the private Facebook Group

Once you have paid, you will be given permission to join the Facebook Group to download patterns and view instructional videos.

• 10 Week online program

• 10 weekly videos lessons by Monica Poole

• 10 pdf sewing patterns

PLEASE NOTE that the kits contains Eggplant for ALL of the backgrounds, borders and joining strips. (Some images shown here have different background colors, not reflected in the kit.)


  • Course Fee and access to Facebook Group -
  • Fabric for appliqué (Antique Rose bundle) -
  • Fabric for background, border, sashing and binding (Eggplant) -
  • Fabric for backing (Eggplant)

KIT - No Backing - Includes everything above, excluding backing fabric. Please note, you will need backing right away to do the “quilt-as-you-go” method.


Synthrapol: hard to pronounce, easy to use.

In the dyeing process, we use hot water and a Concentrated Surfactant (detergent) called Synthrapol to remove excess dye. This product suspends dye particles in water that have not bonded to the fibers. It does not change the color of the fabric. Darker colors have a high concentration of dye so pre-washing our fabrics at home is highly recommended to ensure color does not migrate. Cherrywood has already been washed 4 times in HOT water with Synthrapol before it leaves our studio. Please follow the directions below to make sure everything "behaves."

FIRST TIME Washing (Prewashing):

We encourage you to prewash all of your Cherrywood in a full load of HOT or WARM water with 2 teaspoons of Synthrapol. If you see a large amount of color in the WARM rinse water, a second wash may be necessary. Synthrapol keeps those released dyes from reattaching onto other fabrics. If you have a front-loading machine, you may need to wash more or use a laundry tub. Similar colors may be washed together as long as you use Synthrapol, but is wise to make keep very dark colors separate from very light colors while prewashing. We have tested Color Catcher Sheets by Shout: they work well but may leave a lint residue on the fabric.


SUBSEQUENT Washing (Finished quilts, garments, etc.):

Wash finished projects in Synthrapol in COLD water for the first several times. This is just a good practice to ensure the dyes behave. Complete the COLD cycle. Synthrapol is an inexpensive product to have on hand to use whenever washing hand-dyes and batiks.


Drying and Pressing:

Remove fabric from dryer when slightly damp and press with a dry iron. If dry, lightly mist with water and iron to remove wrinkles. DO NOT let finished quilts/garments air-dry as this may cause wicking (the dyes are pulled from one fabric into the next if they dry too slowly). It is recommended to dry projects in the dryer. Use steam, or lightly spritz with water and use a dry iron when pressing Cherrywood garments to keep them looking crisp.


• Cherrywood is preshrunk. It has been washed a minimum of four times and dried in a hot dryer before it is sold to you. Be sure to pre-shrink any other fabrics that you are combining with Cherrywood in a project.

• Cherrywood is colorfast. As with ALL textiles, keep Cherrywood out of prolonged harsh sunlight, and it will retain its rich color.

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