The Diana Cherrywood Challenge

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Congratulations to the Finalists and Winners!

Collectible Sticker



First Place - $500 Gift Card and Ribbon

Second Place - $200 Gift Card and Ribbon

Third Place - $100 Gift Card and Ribbon

Fourth Place - $50 Gift Card and Ribbon

Fifth Place - $50 Gift Card and Ribbon

Honorable Mentions (Judge's Choice, Staff Choice) - Ribbon

200 Finalists selected for the Traveling Exhibit!

The quilts have been divided into three Collections:
The Diamond Collection
The Pearl Collection
The Rose Collection

Click on Images below to view Finalist names



• Must use fabrics in the official challenge bundle
• Must be 20" x 20"
• Must use only Cherrywood Fabric
• Accent colors allowed
• Any technique or embellishment allowed
Judging done via digital images by three professional jurors.


GOAL of the Challenge:

Our challenge is to take inspiration from Diana, Princess of Wales, to create your own unique quilt using a limited color palette: pink and white.
We encouraged you to push yourself creatively, think outside the box and create new fiber art. The contest is open to anyone and everyone.

All the quilts are the same color, fabric, size and theme, making the exhibit very cohesive and striking.

Cherrywood’s use of Diana's name and images do not imply any connection, endorsement or common origin between the art display and the products depicted therein.

The National Law Journal Oct. 16, 2000- "...the court held that there is no violation of the Lanham Act when a celebrity’s name and likeness are not being used as a trademark or endorsement but, rather, simply for the sake of aesthetic appeal...  ...the court found the use of Princess Diana’s name and likeness to be so widespread that their value as a trademark was negligible." 

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