Catherine Club

Think this quilt looks too complicated for you? Think again!

This isn’t foundation paper piecing. There is no need to sew fabric to a paper foundation. Templates are ironed to the RIGHT side of fabric, so there is no confusing reverse piecing. Templates are easily removed, so there are no paper bits to pull from the back of the quilt. And you only use the fabric needed since there is no flip-and-sew method used. This is traditional piecing using freezer paper as your template. If you can sew two pieces of fabric together with a quarter-inch seam allowance, YOU CAN DO THIS!

We are thrilled to partner with MJ Kinman, Textile Artist, to create custom kits for the "Catherine Club." These monthly colorways are hand-selected by MJ herself to capture the brilliance of each gemstone. MJ has a wealth of knowledge about these gemstones, and has broken them down into this 46" quilt.

The "Catherine" pattern is available from

The Fabric Kits are available on our website

Cherrywood Owner, Karla Overland decided to tackle this pattern after a quick tutorial from MJ on a much smaller gemstone.

Karla quickly got obsessed with finishing "Catherine - Peridot" and barely looked up for three days!

The way it is assembled makes it fool-proof. The hardest part is all the PREP work -  cutting up full-size freezer paper layout (provided in pattern), dividing, ironing, cutting, organizing pieces, placing in envelopes - but rather methodical and satisfying.

Then it was time to SEW! It was almost mindless because you just follow the numbers and line up the tick marks. You CAN'T put a piece on wrong because the tick marks must line up.

The freezer paper stays on the front side of the piece until a section is finished. And the THRILL off peeling off the paper to reveal your gemstone - - well that is just BRILLIANT!


On to the NEXT GEMSTONE because she can re-use the layout diagram!




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