The Bob Ross Cherrywood Challenge

Due to COVID-19, The Bob Ross Challenge Traveling Exhibit will be HELD OVER until 2021.  As of January 2021, we have begun the process of trying to re-schedule the cancelled bookings.

It is an ever-changing process...

Q: When will The Bob Ross quilts be returned to the artists?

A: January 2022, if not before.

Q: What does this mean for The Diana Cherrywood Challenge schedule?

A: Diana Traveling Exhibit is delayed by a year. The PLAN (as of Feb. 2021) is to debut the physical exhibit at International Quilt Market/Festival in Houston in October 2021. We will not be showing the Diana exhibit before October, due to previous contractual agreements.

Q: When is the NEXT CHALLENGE?

A: Traditionally, we have announced the newest challenge at the Houston show, at the same time as we are debuting the previous years' traveling exhibit. It is possible we may stick to that schedule, but it is also possible that we may decide to announce the challenge earlier in 2021. Again...ever-changing circumstances will have to be taken into consideration. One of those being the work load of our small staff. Thank you for your patience!

Q: How can see the Bob Ross Traveling Exhibit NOW?

A: For just $6.00, you can purchase a ticket to "The Virtual Bob Ross Experience" by clicking HERE. You can also contact Donna at to schedule rental of the PHYSICAL exhibit, or booking of the VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE for your group or show.