Drafting patterns is an artform...and sometimes we don't catch every detail. Try as we might, we are not perfect. Please forgive these mistakes on the following patterns:


Chop Suey   

Step 8 - If your blocks do not match our measurement, just cut yours in half and then half again according to your block.

Step 10 -

  • Wall Size : lay out 6 blocks by 5 blocks (with two blocks leftover)
  • Lap Size: lay out 7 blocks by 9 blocks (with one leftover)



Leaded Glass 

Step 2 - Cutting B-1 had the wrong measurement. It should be 14" x 14.5"

All strips trim to 20.5"

A NOTE ABOUT FORGIVENESS: This pattern is forgiving! If your measurements are not exact, just cut the units in half, then half again. Your finished block may be slightly smaller than 20.5" but that is OK! Just measure the width of your block in step #14 and trim the height to match. Nobody will know!

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