The Graffiti Cherrywood Challenge

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186 Quilts divided into 3 Trunks

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A juried art quilt contest sponsored by

Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics®

co-sponsored by Mistyfuse®

    Gritty urban areas can be the setting for colorful layers of graffiti. This form of expression dates back thousands of years. Why do people engage in graffiti? How can you capture this graphic art form in fabric? Can you do it with just eight colors? We encouraged you to push yourself creatively and think outside the box.

Use EIGHT COLORS to create a 20-inch square quilted art work.

No other colors of fabric may be added. The only way to add more colors is with thread, Stringy Bits, paint, pencil, ink, beads, etc.



    • First Place- $500 Gift Card from Cherrywood Fabrics, $150 Gift Card from Mistyfuse and Ribbon

    • Second Place - $200 Gift Card and Ribbon
    • Third Place - $100 Gift Card and Ribbon
    • Fourth Place - $50 Gift Card and Ribbon
    • Fifth Place - $50 Gift Card and Ribbon
    • Honorable Mentions (Judge’s Choice, Staff Choice) - Ribbon




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