The Poppy Cherrywood Challenge 2024


A juried art quilt contest sponsored by

Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics®

Sponsored by Mistyfuse® with support from Aurifil®


What can you create with just eight colors?

$56.00 Includes:

• Sample of Mistyfuse fusible "Zips"
• One spool of Black Aurifil 40 wt thread
• Collectible Challenge sticker

$100.00 Includes:

• Sample of Mistyfuse fusible "Zips"
• One spool of Black Aurifil 40 wt thread
• Collectible Challenge sticker



• Finished quilt must be 20-inch square

The beauty of the Exhibit is the cohesive color, size and fabric.

• Use only the fabric provided in the bundle.

The entire quilt top and binding must be made from Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabric. You may order more fabric as need.

(The backing does NOT have to be Cherrywood.)

• Take inspiration from the theme: The Red Poppy

• Use a limited color pallette.

No other colors of fabric may be used.

You may add embellishment/technique (thread, paint, ink, beads, etc.) in other colors, but the challenge is to stay within the limited palette.

We offer an exclusive collection of Aurifil threads to play with! (optional)

 • Use any technique

The art piece must have a top, middle and back held together by quilting stitches. Since this is a contest sponsored by a fabric company, we are looking for work that shows off our fabric.

• Use any embellishment

The art pieces travel around the country for over a year and must be able to withstand the journey. Refrain from the use of items that will detach or damage other pieces (such as glitter).

• Get creative and try something new!

There are a limited number of spots (225) in The Traveling Exhibit. By entering your quilt into this challenge you must understand that your piece may not be selected to travel. The jury process is subjective and should not be taken personally.

Make a quilt that YOU love and that makes YOU happy!

DUE May 15, 2024


$30 Entry Fee

Collected at Submission

Non-refundable. One Entry per person.



We encourage your to visit these Premier Shops in person to pick up your bundle. Support your local quilt shop!

Mended Hearts - Ellsworth, Iowa

Wooden Spools - Englewood, Colorado

Sweet Home Quilting - Madison, Alabama

Quilted Strait - Port Gamble, Washington

Blue Bar Quilts - Middleton, Wisconson 

The Cotton Harvest - Seaforth, Ontario, Canada 



    • First Place- $500 Gift Card from Cherrywood Fabrics, $150 Gift Card from Mistyfuse and Ribbon

    • Second Place - $200 Gift Card and Ribbon
    • Third Place - $100 Gift Card and Ribbon
    • Fourth Place - $50 Gift Card and Ribbon
    • Fifth Place - $50 Gift Card and Ribbon

    • Sixth Place - $50 Gift Card and Ribbon

    • Honorable Mentions

• Judge’s Choice

• Staff Choice

• Youth Award


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