The Cherrywood Challenge

Every year, Cherrywood chooses a theme and color palette and presents a challenge to quilters from all over the world. The challenge is to see what you can create using a very limited number of colors, and show of the beautiful suede look of our hand-dyed fabric.

  • Quilt must be 20-inches square

  • Quilts must use the designated bundle of fabric from Cherrywood

  • Quilts must take inspiration from the theme

  • Quilts can use any technique or embellishment, as long as the main focus is on the theme colors.

  • A panel of jurors selects a designated number of quilts from digital submissions for the Traveling Exhibit

  • Prizes are awarded

  • Traveling exhibit is displayed at quilt shows and galleries nationally (and sometime internationally!)

  • After the tour is finished, the quilts are returned to the artists

The Cherrywood Challenge is announced in October every year. Quilts are due for submission the following spring/summer (dates vary).

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