Essence of Diana

Things are very pink around here and we assemble the Special Exhibit that will premier in Houston 2021! We do a ton of work to make the display easy to hang and cohesive every year. Knowing that The Diana Cherrywood Challenge Exhibit will not rest much once it hits the road, we take care and caution now to make sure those little art quilts survive the journey.

We are also VERY excited to have the photo book at the printer already (especially since there are no guarantees about delivery these days!) Now we just have to get the poster put together and all the parts will be complete!

I want to give our book editor, Trish Frankland, a shout out. She has been helping with the books for a few years now, but took on more responsibility this year. She stepped up to the plate, took a swing and hit a home run! Thanks, Trish!


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