Frequently Asked Questions about The Monarch Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions about The Monarch Challenge

Q: When will the Winners be announced?

A: August 1st, 2023

Q: When will the Collections be announced?

A: August 1st, 2023

Q: When will the Schedule be announced?

A: August 1st, 2023

Q: How many Collections will there be?

A: Three: Chrysalis (90 quilts), Caterpillar (90 quilts) and Milkweed (45 quilts)

Q: Which Collection will I be in?

A: Those decisions are in the works. Several factors go into making these decisions. We can not guarantee your quilt will be shown with your friend's quilt. We can not guarantee your quilt will be shown in your local show or the one you like to travel to. We can not guarantee that you will see all the prize winners in one Collection. We CAN tell you the places to see the ENTIRE collection when the CALENDAR gets UPDATED HERE.

Q: Why do you have more than one Collection?

A: The demand for this exhibit is high. Requests are never guaranteed. Several years ago, it started travleing internationally. That is when we made the decision to break it up into parts so that we could fulfill more requests in the US at the same time. The good news: more people get to see the exhibits. The bad news: Your quilt may not be in the collection you want it to be in. Cherrywood reserves the right to make these decisions without explanation.

Q: Can I request the Monarch Exhibit to be in my show?

A: Requests were closed on March 15, 2023. It literally takes months to get the schedule worked out, contracts returned, etc.

Q: I am a Finalist - does this guarantee my quilt will travel?

A: Barring any obvious characteristics - wrong size, poor quality, dirty - yes, it will be put into a Collection for the Traveling Exhibit.

Q: Will there be a book published?

A: Yes! We will have a few actual samples of the book in our booth at shows. However, the bulk of sales will be print-on-demand through Amazon. This is much more cost effective for us. (and easier on our backs!)

Q: Will there be a poster published?

A: Yes! At least that is the plan. our graphic designer is a bit behind on these, but will get caught up with Diana, Graffiti and Monarch just as soon as her schedule allows. These will be available on our website.

Q: Will there be polymer clay charms and earrings for The Monarch Challenge?

A: Yes! Jennifer Patterson is working on them as we speak. These will be available on our website or directly from her.

Q: How much do you insure my quilt for?

A: Each quilt is insured by Cherrywood Fabrics for $200. When we ship them, we add extra insurance on the boxes. When the exhibit is at a show, we require proof of insurance for the entire display. When the show organizer ships them, they are responsible for adding extra insurance to the boxes.

Q: My quilt was appraised for more than $200 - can you insure it for that amount?

A: Cherrywood insures the Challenge as a group of quilts. We do not have riders for individual quilts. We already get some pushback on the insurance amount we require from the show organizers. They have umbrella policies that insure EVERYTHING in their shows.

Q: Will there be book signings at the quilt shows?

A: No. Of course, there are several reasons for this decision that are not immediately obvious to the public. The main reason is the disruption of the show. The shows have strict rules from Fire Marshalls and Decorators. Setting up tables and chairs in the middle of traffic flow is not possible and has also become costly to us because they charge to rent tables and chairs. Our last signing included almost 50 people! We know the artists love to meet each other, and there is nothing stopping you all from organizing meet-ups off the show floor!

Q: Why wasn't my quilt chosen?

A: That is the age-old question. We use three anonymous jurors. The jury process is different than the judging process that you might be familiar with at quilt shows. We do not give written critiques. We are choosing a collection of quilts that show off the theme, the fabric, the skills, the creativity, AND also look great together. What is so extremely personal to you may not actually translate into the Curator's vision. That does not mean it is a "bad" quilt. It simply was not chosen.

Q: Why don't you give feedback?

A: The jury process typically does not include feedback in any contest or exhibit. Cherrywood does not have the resources to write feedback for 472 quilts. Please remember that the contest is only PART of our company's function. We produce and market our own product, and know our limitations. Nobody enjoys the "rejection" letter. But most people don't enjoy criticism either.


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