Monarchs are getting ready to fly!

There is a buzz of activity at the Cherrywood studio! THis is a VERY busy time of year for us - getting ready to announce the NEXT challenge, while still assembling the CURRENT challenge exhibit complete with labeling, ribbons, signs, posters, photo book...the list can get overwhelming. 

And let's not forget the DIANA Challenge is still bringing delight to viewers over in France until November. 

That is 425 art quilts that we are tracking and monitoring and being held accountable for. It is humbling to think about all the women and men trusting out system to keep their work of art safe. 

We are SO excited to reveal the Challenge for 2024 -but the best laid plans sometimes don't work out. The original announcement date was October 3, but we were hit with printing delays, shipping delays (of a very exciting new product!), and tragic family emergency, and then - unbelievably - a lightning strike the day before the announcement! Yes, crazy but true. It took out our internet, our server, messed with some other systems and created chaos for a good 48 hours. Normally, a delayed announcement wouldn't be an issue, but I had decided to run an ad in the AQ Magazine. They can never pinpoint the date the magazine will start shipping but I thought "Oh, it will be fine. I will take the risk that a couple people will see the announcement early." 

Maybe the surprise is ruined for a few people, but we also are working with quilt shops who are carrying the Challenge bundle and needed to give them enough of a "heads-up" for the launch.

In the end, does it really matter? No. Everything will be ok and we will still have fun making the official announcement. Sometimes taking a step back and a deep breath is just what the doctor ordered.

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