New Year - New Site!

It seems like everything is changing nowadays, so we figured this was as good of time as any to update our website!

This site is more powerful and we are excited to offer new things like:

• Bigger, bolder images!

• Minimum cut of Yardage = fat quarter!

• Design Board where you can hold things in order to find them later. This would be a great place to compare a Yardage color to a couple bundles to see if you like how they go together.

• Accounts - we strongly encourage you to set up and account so that you can see your order history. This really helps with re-orders, and we can offer certain perks to those with an account!

• Variables - this is especially great for our patterns and kits. Now you can get the kit, select your backing color, and even purchase the class video on demand (if available) all in one spot!

• PDF downloads of patterns- save on shipping costs! (This is only available for patterns designed by Cherrywood)

The more we learn about the power of this platform, the more we can offer to our customers. We are EXCITED to serve you better.

If you have any feedback on how our website functions, PLEASE drop us a note on your order (shopping cart) or email us at


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