Tags & Tiaras

Walk into a world of Fiber Art that will blow your mind!

We have found a space large enough to show the ENTIRE Graffiti Challenge in our hometown of Brainerd, Minnesota! The space is a converted Railway Station so it has high ceilings and is flooded with natural light. We plan to have a totally immersive space to view all the details of ALL 186 Graffiti Quilts!


We also have ALL the Diana Challenge Quilts here because they are waiting to go on their journey to BOHIN France next year. So, we thought  - why not??

The juxtaposition of the sparkly, dazzling pink and white quilts with the rough and raw Graffiti quilts is going to knock your sox off!

Mark your calendars and plan a trip to Brainerd!

$5 Suggested Donation to view the exhibit

Visitors will get a 15% off coupon to shop in our store just a couple miles away.


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