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Bob Ross Challenge Book (printed)

Bob Ross Challenge Book (printed)

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Gorgeous photo books published to document Cherrywood's highly popular Cherry Challenges.

The variety, creativity and workmanship of all these small (20" x 20") quilts is truly inspiring - whether you are a quilter or not. GREAT conversation piece and GREAT gift! All quilts are professionally photographed with detail images. Plus you get the artist's statement to give you even more insight into their creative thinking! Get background information about each contest, the jury process, and more!

The BOB ROSS Cherrywood Challenge 2019 The gentle, encouraging, happy legacy created by the late Bob Ross is captured in these 200 quilts. The five exhibits debuted at Houston International Market and Festival, and covered venues in the US and Canada during 2021 and 2022. They enjoyed a long-term showing at The Bob Ross Experience in Muncie, Indiana in 2022!

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