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Five Year Retrospective of The Cherrywood Challenge

Five Year Retrospective of The Cherrywood Challenge

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45 Min. Pre-recorded

The Cherrywood Challenge has grown over the last five years into an international event that showcases the creative genius of everyday quilters like you!

This video was pre-recorded from a Live Facebook Event (January 2021) hosted by Cherrywood owner, Karla Overland. She shares actual quilts from the six artists who have had their work accepted into all five contests, plus several artists who have made it into four.

A beautiful video shows a sampling of quilts from

The WICKED Challenge
The LION KING Challenge
The VAN GOGH Challenge
The PRINCE Challenge
The BOB ROSS Challenge

Featured artists:
Ceesay Landree, Laurie
Crum, Marguerite
Giesfeldt , Lisa
Ricci, Shelli
Shannon, Betsy
Wilson, Cindy
Fromherz, Marilyn
Koenig, Robin
Marchetti, Karen
Oliver, Gail
Wagner, Jenny
Adams, Stephanie
Bahn, Terri
Bedell, Vicky
Berger, Anna
Berkebile, Deb
Borowy, Kim
Carrier, Joyce
Cureton, Catherine
Denney, Rhonda
Duhon, Bonnie
Endriga, Kate
Gragg, Robyn
Hentsch, Carl
Hollingsworth, Ben
Humphries, Miyuki
Lamphere, Joy
Kamrath, Megan
Kemble, Melanie
Kilbourn, Barbara
Knapp-Steer, Kristi
Kuck, Pamela
Lanak, Jennifer
LaPorte, Nancy
Leme, Aparecilda
Marcotte, Christa
McGregor, Freya
Moening, Sherri
Muehring, Linda
Peterson, Karla
Porter, Roberta
Randall, Lynn
Schmidt, Elizabeth
Syverson-Guild, Linda
Von Arx, Patricia
Weichselbaum, Enid
Wolf, Linda

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